Do spiral staircases meet building regs?

Can I put a spiral staircase to my loft?

For an attic conversion or addition, the spiral is the way to go. Spiral staircases do have a narrower incline than other stair types, but they are completely safe and functional for daily use.

Can a spiral staircase be a fire escape?

Durable & Discreet Emergency Exit Stair Not only do they cover a large portion of your building’s exterior design, but they can take up a lot of space. A spiral stair can provide a safe means of egress while keeping the footprint small.

How much does it cost to install a staircase?

Carpenters usually install premade stairs at a rate of $50 to $100 per hour. In total, an estimated cost hovers between $350 to $700. But fitting and building a custom staircase may cost around $1,200 to $5000.

How long does it take to install a spiral staircase?

Assembling a spiral staircase can be a simple do-it-yourself afternoon project for the average homeowner. On average, it takes two people half a day to assemble a spiral stair kit.

Is a spiral staircase more expensive?

These are more expensive than straight stairs, as both the stair and rail take more labor at each turn/intersection then a simple straight stair takes. Landing stairs start at around 4,000*. Landings are framed and covered with flooring, while winders are custom made stair treads, winders will cost more than landings.

Can you replace a regular staircase with a spiral staircase?

Switchbacks can be the most space-saving option When a single straight stair won’t do, try a switchback. Schwartz and Gelles say it is generally the easiest replacement for a spiral, given that they take up only about six feet across the side-by-side treads. The two straight sections are joined by a landing or return.

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How much room do you need for a spiral staircase?

44 inches x 44 inches

How much space do you need for a spiral staircase UK?

The opening in the upper floor level will need to be around 1600mm square for a loft or secondary spiral and 2000mm square for a spiral acting as a primary stair within a house. This opening in the floor can also be circular.

Are spiral staircases legal in UK?

Part K of the Building Regulations provides the guidelines for ensuring occupants or visitors to a house are protected against falling, collision or impact. All the spiral and helical staircases that we manufacture at Spiral UK are compliant with British Standards Document BS 5395 Part II.

How big should the opening be for a spiral staircase?

Spiral staircase opening size related questions are questions that we get asked a lot, and the general rule of thumb is that the opening for spiral staircase should be 100mm larger than the diameter. This can be a square opening in the floor or a circular cut out.

Are spiral staircases a good idea?

Spiral staircases generally have a steeper incline which means that they take up less area and are ideal if you want extra room downstairs. They can also let in more light because of this and can definitely become a great centre point for any room. They make great second staircases and can add value to any home.

Are spiral staircases bad?

Spiral staircases are perhaps not as comfortable to use as a conventional staircase but then they are normally installed because of lack of space and there is no question a spiral stair is safer than a ladder. Conventional stairs and spirals stairs should not be compared side-by-side when considering safety.

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