Does Astro disband?

Does Astro disband?

In 2020, ASTRO made up 38 percent of the agency’s sales revenue. According to the securities report, the ASTRO members’ contract will last until February 2023, while Ong Seong Wu’s goes until August 2024.

Who left Astro K-pop?

Moon Bin

How long is Astro K-pop contract?

The contract length is about 10 years from 2012. However, since they have to enlist, their contract still have about 4 years (from 2019). So, it will probably end by 2023–2024. Lay, however, don’t have to enlist.

Who is most handsome in Astro?

The rankings for this list were determined through fan vote and by critics’ choices. Only 100 male K-pop idols were able to make it to the list, with one claiming the title of the most handsome face! ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo ranked first, followed by BTS’ V!Jan 6, 2022

Is Astro still together?

It’s 2021 and they are still going strong. The talents they have are immense. The only wish we , as Arohas, have is for Astro to become the next big boy band after BTS (worldwide sensation, per say).

Who is the maknae of Astro K-pop?

Sanha: Lead Vocalist, Maknae Sanha has also ventured into acting by starring in the 2019 web drama Love Formula 11M.

Who is the cutest member of Astro?

Do you know there is another cute and good looking member in Astro? Well, That is ‘Moonbin’. He is cute, adorable, cool and good looking.

Who is the golden Maknae of Astro?

9. Sanha (Astro) Because of his cute, innocent, pure, and squishy image, Astro’s maknae, Sanha, is also known as the adorable puppy “Beagle maknae”.

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Is Astro famous in Korea?

From what I seen I think astro is doing fine, their mv get a good amount of views, they have a good following on social media, and their popularity in Korea is stable.

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