How long does it take to learn Liebestraum No 3?

How long does it take to learn Liebestraum No 3?

I think it takes about 3 months give or take to learn a piece like Liebestraum no. 2. I had worked on this piece for two months before bringing it to the Crescendo International Piano Competition (first place) and the American Prodigee International Piano Competition (honorable mention).

Is Liebestraum No 3 easy?

This music is our Easy Piano version of Franz Liszt’s Liebestraum No. 3, his most famous Liebestraum which means “Love Dream”. More experienced pianists might want to try original version of this music but it is difficult.

Is Liebestraum hard to learn?

Liebestraum (No. 3) is regarded by many non-pianists and amateurs as being the pinnacle of technical difficulty. Actually, it is one of those pieces that is much less difficult than people imagine (another is Rachmaninov’s infamous Prelude in C# minor).

What level is Liszt Liebestraum No 3?

Liszt’s Third Liebestraum is no easy task – it’s about a 6.5 on the Henle Scale, or grade 8 piano. It is roughly the same level as Beethoven’s Piano Sonata op. 10 no. 3.

Is Liszt Liebestraum difficulty?

The third Liebestraum in the best tradition of nocturnes is one of the most frequently played piano pieces of all. This is not least because it can be played by very skilled amateurs despite its pianistic bravura (our level of difficulty is 6/7).

Is Liebestraum easy?

When compared to other pieces by Liszt, the ‘Lieberstraum’ is not one of the more difficult. 3′ against ‘La Campanella’, the 2nd ‘Hungarian Rhapsody’, or the ‘Transcendental Etudes’, it is relatively easy to see that the ‘Liebestraum’ is not amongst Liszt’s more technically demanding works.

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What was Liebestraum written about?

Number 3 is based on a poem written by German writer, Ferdinand Freliligrath. Entitled, O Lieb, so lang du lieben kannst (Love as long as love you can) the work depicts themes of love and the loss of love.

When was Liebestraum written?


What is the meaning of Liebestraum?

love dream

What is the time signature of Liebestraum love dream?

Title Liebestraum No. 3 from Liebesträume
—————- ———————————–
Time signature 6/4
Tempo 40 BPM
Performance time 4:40
Difficulty level intermediate

What key is Liebestraum 3 in?

A-flat major

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