Is it OK to wear a watch and a bracelet?

Is it OK to wear a watch and a bracelet?

Can I wear a watch and a bracelet at the same time? Yes, you can! It’s totally OK to pair a bracelet or two with your watch. Be aware of the type of bracelet and whether or not it might scratch your watch.

Can you wear a bracelet on one wrist and a watch on the other?

Can I wear a gold bracelet with a silver watch?

It’s perfectly acceptable to mix gold and silver jewelry, but there are some simple rules that can help you do so with style: Keep your watch matched to the rings on that hand it’s a good idea to match the metal of your wedding ring with your watch.Aug 2, 2006

Why do people wear bracelets with a watch?

When wearing bracelets together with your watch, something that can help improve the look of your wrist game, and make the bracelet blend in better is matching the colors. The bracelet doesn’t necessarily have to match the color of the watch, and that’s where strap changes come in handy.

How do you wear a watch and bracelet together?

The easiest way to wear a watch and a bracelet together is to wear your watch on your left wrist, and a simple bracelet on your right wrist.

Can you wear a bracelet and a watch men?

So you absolutely can wear a watch and a bracelet at the same time. Wearing them on opposite wrists, as mentioned above, is the easiest and safest option. Then, complement the look with a bigger, bolder bracelet on your right wrist. Lots of guys will stop right there, and that’s totally fine.

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Should a bracelet be worn in front or behind a watch?

Thin bracelets work well and should sit below your watch closer to your wrist (near your hand) instead of on top of your watch (near your elbow). This look works well when your watch and bracelets go together without too much contrast. Keep an eye on your watch , belt , tie clip and bracelets.

Is a gold watch tacky?

Gold Watches are definately not tacky – in fact, they can be Classic, Retro, or even Trendy – it all depends on what the style of the watch is.

Can I wear a gold watch to work?

There are a few notable exceptions (we’re looking at you Calibre de Cartier Diver in pink gold) but generally gold tool watches are for tools. If it’s made for diving or working, stick to steel, and if you do have a solid gold dressy diver, wear it with a suit and tie, not a wetsuit (and definitely not crocs).

Is wearing a gold watch too flashy?

But contrary to what most people think, a gold watch does not have to be flashy. When it comes to choosing a gold watch, design is a very important factor to consider. You just have to make sure that it looks demure and sophisticated. Fortunately, most gold watch models are simple and elegant.

Do gold watches scratch easily?

Gold is softer than steel, so naturally, it will get more scratches and hairlines than steel watches.

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