What is the name of the painter in Painter of the Night?

What is the name of the painter in Painter of the Night?

Na-kyum is a young painter with exceptional talent, which is creating erotic images of men. Though he has published a few collections under a pseudonym, he has decided to quit painting.

Is Painter of the Night Korean?

Achievements. Painter of the Night ranked first place in ‘Best BL Lezhin Award 2019’ by Lezhin Comics Korea and Lezhin Comics U.S.

Is the author of Painter of the Night a girl?

Birth Date Byeonduck is creator of Painter of the Night. She gets ideas to create her comic from watching her favorite historical movies and asking her friends for advice. Byeonduck takes attention on varied expressions, beauty, composition and character individuality in her creative process drawing.

Who is Nakyum?

Baek Nakyum is a lowborn. He was discovered by the head of kisaeng as an infant and raised as her son at the house of kisaengs. His origins are unknown. Even so, he received lot of care from his older sisters in kisaeng house.

How tall is Baek KYUM?

Height: 174 cm Abandoned as a child he was raised at the house of KiSaeng. A talented painter he would come to paint erotic themed art under a pseudonym before leaving that to live as a drunk.

Is Painter of the Night a love story?

When people criticize Painter of the Night, they only see the sex and violence, but fail to see that it’s a heartwrenching story about love across the social divide. It’s not the usual trope of rich boy falling for a poor boy the authors of yaoi genre often explore so much.Aug 7, 2020

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