When did Irish Sweepstakes end?

When did Irish Sweepstakes end?


Was the Irish Sweepstakes legal in Canada?

The sweeps, though legal and backed by the government in Ireland, was illegal in the U.S. and Canada. But that didn’t stop millions of Americans and Canadians buying tickets during the course of the lottery’s lifetime, which ran from 1930 until its official disestablishment in 1987.

Who won the Irish Sweepstakes?

A $48,000 winner in the Irish Sweepstakes, Alan Wong, who’ll be 5 Thursday, looks less happy about it than his parents, Christina and Benson, a photog()

Who started the sweepstakes?

Three men launched the Sweepstakes: Dublin bookie Richard Duggan, Welsh-born Captain Spencer Freeman and celebrated republican Joseph McGrath, once an associate of Michael Collins.

Do they still have the Irish Sweepstakes?

Promoters of public, especially of large-scale, lotteries may exploit the opportunity to make the drawing and mixing process as colourful and dramatic as possible. The drawings held by the Irish Sweepstakes until it ceased operation in 1987 could be combined with horse racing.

Who ran the Irish Sweepstakes?

the Hospitals Trust Ltd.

Who owned the Irish Sweepstakes?

The Irish Sweepstakes was set up by a committee from six Dublin hospitals, the Hospitals Trust Ltd., in 1930. Anyone who bought a ticket anywhere in the world got a hand-written receipt.

What happened to the Irish Sweepstakes?

A state lottery replaced the Irish Sweepstakes in 1987.

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