How do you make a phone case with real flowers?

How do you make a phone case with real flowers?

How do you preserve flowers in a case?

How do you make a clear phone case aesthetic?

Are wildflower cases handmade?

Beginning with humble roots and only two handmade cell phone cases, Wildflower is now one of the fastest growing millennial iPhone fashion accessories and social media brands. Their designs have been spotted in the hands of Kylie Jenner and 100s of social media influencers.

What material are wildflower cases?

Mirror iPhone SE6/7/8 case features your reflection. This polycarbonate material reflects like any mirror — but no glass included. Shop this limited edition case designed especially for you. Due to our hand made process, no two cases are exactly alike, making every Wildflower case unique, just like you.

Can wildflower cases get wet?

ALWAYS keep your Wildflower case away from any liquids, at all times. Constant moisture or sweat from your hands may cause “wf” emblem to fall off. Any contact with soda, juices or other liquids will damage the case.

What can I use to coat my phone case?

Keeping this in mind, you can use either acrylic paint or even paint pens to decorate your phone case. Alternatively, you can paint on a piece of paper using watercolors or oil pastels or any other medium of your choice and simply insert the paper into your clear phone case.

How do you get paint to stick to a phone case?

How do you make a wooden epoxy phone case?

How do you make a wildflower case?

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