How do you package homemade coasters?

How do you package homemade coasters?

How do I ship a coaster?

– Cut three pieces of foam to fit into the box.
– Secure two coasters to two pieces of the foam with a ring of tape on the underside.
– Wrap the two pieces of foam with the cellulose wrapping film to secure them in place.
– Fold the box.
– Seal the box and send at the flat rate,

How do you package a resin tray?

– First, ensure your resin has fully cured.
– Wear gloves and work on a cushioned surface.
– Next, wrap your piece with glassine paper, parchment, butcher or kraft paper.
– Then, wrap the entire piece with padding material like polyfoam or fabric.

Is resin safe for coasters?

A: Yes, ArtResin epoxy resin works great for coasters, not so great for hotplates and here’s why: the maximum temperature cured ArtResin can be exposed to is 120F/50C. The heat from a hot mug, on the other hand, is nowhere near that hot, so you can put It on a coaster without worry.Apr 2, 2019

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