Is personal tutor good MTG?

Is demonic tutor good?

Demonic Tutor is much better than Vampiric Tutor, though. Demonic Tutor costs 1 more colorless, but it doesn’t result in card disadvantage or loss of life (the second point admittedly is very rarely relevant, but it sucks when it IS.)

What are tutors in MTG?

A Tutor is a spell which searches your library for another card.

What are all the tutors in MTG?

– Auratouched Mage.
– Weathered Wayfarer.
– Idyllic Tutor.
– Stoneforge Mystic.
– Steelshaper’s Gift.
– Enlightened Tutor.

Is there a red tutor?

Imperial Recruiter is a great red tutor. Goblin Recruiter is good too. Goblin Matron is another. Skyship Weatherlight is kinda bad, but still a tutor.Nov 2, 2011

Are tutors bad for EDH?

Tutors Make Games More Unfun deck. That describes a lot of Commander decks, but in general the tension between buildup and payoff cards helps create that game-to-game variance that makes Commander so unique and so much fun.

Why is demonic tutor good?

Demonic Tutor is widely considered to be the best tutor in MTG. It costs just two mana to search your library for any card you want and put it into your hand without any life-loss or other disadvantages.

Is demonic tutor a good card?

However, you lose two life when you play it, and instead of adding the card to your hand, it puts it on top of your deck. In most cases, I prefer Demonic Tutor, but both are potent cards. The older Demonic Tutor is better cause it costs 1 and it is a instant. Now it costs 2 and it’s a sorcery.

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How much is demonic tutor worth?

Card Condition Price
————- ——— ——
Demonic Tutor G $32.49
Demonic Tutor VG $37.49
Demonic Tutor EX $42.49
Demonic Tutor NM $49.99

What is the best tutor in MTG?

Demonic Tutor

Is Profane tutor good?

Profane Tutor is unique in that it allows you to set up your combo two turns in advance, essentially saving you two mana the turn you start going off. This kind of effect is huge in decks that want to win in a single turn. When you’re curving out with Profane Tutor, you’re always getting a great deal.

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