Is zizzy still alive?

Is zizzy still alive?

She and Pony successfully fend off the soldiers, so she is confirmed to be alive (Chapter 12-Good Ending and Chapter 12- True Ending ).

Is zizzy a girl in piggy?

Zizzy is a zebra that wears a purple dress, dark purple pants and a purple musketeer hat. Her arms are white and has a black stripe on her wrist of her left hand.

Is Bunny from piggy dead?

In Plant – Chapter 12 (Finale), Bunny appears as a ghost in the second part of the chapter along with Doggy. If Doggy or Bunny comes in contact with the player, they are stunned instead of being killed. Bunny and Ghosty are the only characters to have an eyepatch.

What happened to Zizzy in Piggy?

After the events of Book 1 and Book 2 Chapter 2 Zizzy got infected at the Refinery which was the last time Pony saw Zizzy. After that, Pony wants to find a cure to the infection and cure Zizzy.

Is zizzy and pony infected?

Pony and Zizzy went to the Carnival to search for survivors. Pony thought Foxy was the Player’s friend, but Zizzy informed that he is infected.

Is zizzy from Piggy a girl?

Zizzy is a zebra with a fuchsia dress and purple leggings. She has a black stripe on her arm. She has pink cheeks, red eyes and a purple hat with magenta feathers and holds a fencing foil as her weapon.

Is zizzy infected in Piggy?

She was the first friendly NPC to automatically knock out infected without the need for an item. She is the first NPC which can be interacted with two items in the same chapter, the second being Pony in the Refinery.

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Why does zizzy have red eyes?

What are Zizzy’s eye colors? Because of the stripe across her eyes, it looks like her eyes are completely red. Piggy artists seem to think this way as well, as they draw her with red eyes when they are drawing her infected. As infected: black sclera, red pupils.

What do red eyes in piggy mean?

Red means victims left to die. White means telling people to stay back from them and run. Purple means Lovely and nice. Green eyes means working while entertaining.

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