What are the official rules of bocce ball?

What are the official rules of bocce ball?

Game Objective: The object is to throw your bocce balls closer to the Pallino or Jack, than your opponent. The first team to reach 12 points wins the game (must win by 2). A match typically consists of 3 rounds.

How does bocce ball work?

What do the lines on a bocce ball mean?

Except for hitting or spocking, all bocce balls are thrown from behind the foul line. Any ball released behind the pointing foul line is considered a throw for points. Any ball released beyond the pointing foul line and before the hitting foul line is considered a throw to hit or spock other balls.

Who throws the pallino in bocce ball?

Winners throw the pallino. The thrower must be behind the foul line, which is 4 feet from the backboard. The pallino must pass the halfway mark of the court and must not hit the back wall. If the ball does not reach halfway, hits the back wall, or goes out of bounds, the opposing team will throw the pallino.

Where did the game bocce originate?


When did bocce become popular?

While unifying and nationalizing Italy, he also popularized the sport as it is known today. In the year 1896, when Bocce had a resurgence of popularity, the first Bocce Olympiad was held in Athens, Greece. Bocce has been a part of international sports ever since.

Who brought bocce to the New World?

It is said that the early Romans were among the first to play the game, at times using coconuts brought back from Africa. Later on, hard olive wood was used to carve our bocce balls.

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What’s the history of bocce ball?

Bocce Ball was first documented in a 5200 B.C. painting of two boys playing, which was discovered by an English scientist, Sir Francis Petrial, in an Egyptian tomb. Bocce Ball spread throughout Palestine and into Asia Minor. In 600 B.C., Bocce was picked up by the Greeks and passed to the Romans.

What are the rules for bocce?

Bocce Ball instructions are simple: Each frame starts with one team tossing the pallino or jack. Players then try to get as close as they can to the pallino, while keeping their bocce balls within the court area. Players toss from behind the 10-foot line on the near side of the court.

What are 2 rules that players must follow when playing a game of bocce?

All balls must be thrown underhanded. A team has the option of rolling, tossing, bouncing, etc. its ball down the court provided it does not go outside the boundaries of the court or the player does not violate the foul line.

How do you score in bocce ball?

Each ball that is inside is typically worth one point. If a team has multiple balls closer to the pallino than the opponent’s closest ball, they will receive a point for each one. Some versions of the rules allow bocce balls that are directly touching the pallino — referred to as a “kiss” — to count for two points.

What is the game of bocce?

Bocce takes place in two teams of two players each. Each player has two large balls called bocce. A smaller ball called the pallino is the target. Officially, people play on a court, but players generally play bocce wherever they find enough ground on which to roll the balls.

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What is bocce bowling?

bocce, also spelled bocci, Italian bowling game, similar to bowls and boules. The object, as in the game of lawn bowls, is to bring the ball to rest nearer the pallino than an opponent’s ball, to protect a well-placed ball, or to knock aside an opponent’s ball. Rebounds from the side walls are permitted.

Is indoor bowls the same as bocce?

Bocce and Lawn Bowling are cousins but have some distinct differences. The Bocce Ball is round whereas the Lawn Bowl is round in only one direction and elliptical in the other, giving it a bias and causing it to curve. Second, the Bocce Ball is thrown under hand, like softball, and the Lawn Bowl is rolled.

What’s the difference between boules and bocce?

What is the difference between Bocce and Boules? Boules is a collection of throwing or bowling games. Bocce is a bowling game in which the balls are rolled in an underarm fashion. It makes us of bright colourful balls which are often made of solid epoxy resin.

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