What sizes do radiators come in?

What sizes do radiators come in?

– 400mm x 400 mm.
– 300mm x 1000mm.
– 400mm x 1200mm.
– 600mm x 1200mm.
– 600mm x 900mm.

What is the slimmest vertical radiator?

Available in four different sizes, the narrowest of which is just 300mm wide, the Aspen vertical single designer radiator is one of our most popular choices for small spaces. Choose from either white, anthracite or stainless steel, and there’s also a double option available for greater heat output.

What can you use instead of radiators?

– Geothermal Heat Pumps. Geothermal heat pumps rely on consistent underground temperatures to efficiently heat a home during the winter.
– Heating Oil. Natural gas is a common energy source for home central heating systems.
– Pellet Stoves.
– Solar Heating.
– Under-floor Heating.

Are radiator sizes standard?

Heating technology has moved on a long way in the last ten years and now there’s no limit to the number of types, shapes and sizes radiators can be bought in. Standard radiator sizes are no more thanks to the different types vertical, horizontal, column and trench all fit into different spaces.

What kind of metal are radiators made from?


What is my radiator made of?

What Radiators Are Made of. Radiators are made of conductive metals, the four main different radiator materials being: cast iron, mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminium.Jul 3, 2019

Why are heaters painted silver?

When the Great Depression arrived, folks looked for ways to tone down those oversized radiators. Paint that contained flakes of metal (aluminum or bronze) had a way of cutting a radiator’s output by 20 percent so they started painting radiators that distinctive silver color.

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What are white radiators made of?

The most popular type of radiator in the UK’s homes is the trusty white, horizontal, convector radiator and these are virtually always made from mild steel.

Are designer radiators any good?

Mild steel designer radiators are therefore a very efficient and affordable option for the consumer. Aluminium is an excellent conductor of heat, which means your aluminium radiators will get up to their optimum temperature very quickly, using less gas and water to get there when compared to mild steel rads.

How do I choose a designer radiator?

– Go with your home/room décor. If your goal is to enhance the look of your living room with a designer radiator, selecting the right style and design is crucial.
– Select subtle designs.
– Choosing the Material of radiator.
– Look at its BTU.
– The positioning.
– Bold statement pieces.

Do designer radiators add value?

Vertical designer radiators create an impressive focal point in any space with their stunning presence and striking build. However, they are also great for adding value to your property by saving valuable space. The more flexibility your property offers to potential buyers the better.

What is the thinnest radiator you can get?

With a single grooved front panel, this 300(H)mm x 400(W)mm radiator is the smallest in the range. It provides a very useful size for fitting into tight spaces, like an ensuite or downstairs toilet.

What size are vertical radiators?

A choice of size, colour and finish All our vertical radiators come in a variety of different sizes including popular lengths such as 1000mm, 1500mm, 1800mm and 2000mm.

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Are vertical radiators a good idea?

A vertical radiator that offers the same heat output as a horizontal style is a great heating solution for most rooms of your home. So in a room that perhaps requires a little more space for manoeuvre, a vertical radiator may be the best heating option.

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