When did you begin wearing maternity clothes?

What is the purpose of maternity wear?

Maternity clothing is worn by women as an adaptation to changes in body size during pregnancy. The evolution of maternity clothing began during the Middle Ages, and became fashionable as women became more selective about style and comfort in the types of maternity clothing they wore.

What websites have maternity clothes?

– Best nursing-friendly tops: Thyme Maternity.
– Best one-stop maternity clothing shop: Motherhood Canada.
– Best modern maternity clothes: H&M.
– Best affordable maternity denim: Old Navy.
– Best maternity basics: Gap.
– Best trendy maternity clothes: ASOS.

Does Zara have a maternity line?

Comfortable and stylish maternity jeans for women Discover the key to your perfect maternity look with our new online collection of women’s maternity jeans. Finding the right denim or jeggings style for you will make getting dressed easy; just add any top of your choice to team with your new fashion basic.

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