How do I use the word fathom?

How do I use the word fathom?

– He could not fathom the depth of the ocean.
– She couldn’t fathom the idea.
– I just can’t fathom out why he lied.
– We were pensive as we tried to fathom what was occurring.
– Another part of her couldn’t fathom how a man colder than a sociopath could be working for the side of good.

What does fathom mean in the dictionary?

verb (used with object) to measure the depth of by means of a sounding line; sound. to penetrate to the truth of; comprehend; understand: to fathom someone’s motives.

What is an example of fathom?

The definition of a fathom is a six foot length used to measure water depth. An example of a fathom is a cable with markings every six feet which is used to find out the depth of a ocean. Fathom is defined as to understand completely, or to measure the depth of something.

Is fathom informal?

Informal: savvy. Slang: dig. Chiefly British: twig.

Why did the word fathom change?

In the Middle Ages to fathom something was, in keeping with the literal ‘fingertip to fingertip’ meaning of the word, to encircle it with the arms. As time went by ‘to fathom’ began to mean ‘to get to the bottom of’ or ‘to take soundings about’.

What does it mean if I say I can’t fathom it?

If you cannot fathom something, you are unable to understand it, although you think carefully about it.

Can’t fathom this meaning?

1 : to understand the reason for something I couldn’t fathom how he escaped punishment. 2 : to measure the depth of water by means of a special line.

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What does fathom mean in slang?

To fathom something is to understand it thoroughly, and is usually used in the negative, as in “I can’t fathom why he doesn’t want to go along with us.”

Why is it called a fathom?

The longest of many units derived from an anatomical measurement, the fathom originated as the distance from the middle fingertip of one hand to the middle fingertip of the other hand of a large man holding his arms fully extended. The name comes from the Old English faedm or faethm, meaning outstretched arms.

Why do people say fathoms instead of feet?

A fathom has been anywhere from ~5 to 6.1 ft, depending on who was the depth taker, and what age he lived in. Originally, it was how long it was between the ends of the outstretched arms of the depth taker, because that was the depth taker’s ‘ruler’ to measure the rope he tossed in the water to see how deep it was.

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