How do you store wellies?

How do you store wellies?

Hanging them from a Welly Rack is the perfect place to store your wellies and to stop unwanted visitors. A great welly rack can also be a great piece of personalised furniture.Nov 5, 2021

Why are wellies stored upside down?

Storing wellies upside down prevents water from entering them and making the interior lining damp. This keeps them dry ready for the next time you use them.

How do you keep rubber wellies from cracking?

Don’t fold the boots over. Leave them upright, or hanging upside down on a boot rack to avoid cracking or splitting. Using a rubber conditioner before storing can help prolong the life of your footwear.

How long should wellies last?

Well-Known Member. I think it depends on how much you do, I find mine tend to last 6 months a year if I am luckily and that has included muckboots and hunters as well as cheap wellies too.

Is it OK to store wellies outside?

No matter what the season, gardening always carries the risk of muddy boots and shoes but you can help keep floors clean and clear by storing them in a welly boot rack, many of which are even suitable for year-round outdoor storage.Dec 9, 2021

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