What are comic book variant covers?

What are comic book variant covers?

Cover variants are standard comics with unique covers drawn by various artists that publishers allow stores to order, depending on how many copies of the standard (version A) they order. The ratio could be anywhere from 1:25 to 1:100. Incentive Variants are actually designed to help comics shops.

What is a 1/25 variant comic?

A 1:25 variant means 1 variant is produced for every 25 regular covers printed. One would assume it’s straight print run but that may not be the case. When ordering a ratio variant, shops have to purchase a certain number of books to receive the ratio variant.

Why do comics have variants?

Publishers incentivize local comic shops (LCS) by providing them a special limited cover with new/different artwork at a low cost. The catch is that they have to order a specific number of the standard issue before getting the variant.

What is a card stock variant cover?

These are variant covers than can only be purchased through a particular retailer and usually carry that store’s logo. Some of these covers are commissioned by the store itself, some are offered to retailers who have ordered several thousand copies of a particular book.Mar 3, 2015

Why do comics have variant covers?

Variant covers became more common during the “speculator boom” of the 1990s, when more collectors became interested in the storage and preservation of their comic books with the goal of future financial gain rather than reading the comics themselves.

Are comic book variant covers valuable?

With that in mind, variant covers fetch more than regular covers if the variant cover is popular and rare. Otherwise, it’s worth around the same, if not less, than the regular cover.

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Are variant covers worth collecting?

Obtaining even the least rare variants are still a must for many collectors. You may even just love the artist, the character or even the aesthetic/art of the cover itself. Whatever reason it is, there will always be the need for a Cover Variant in your collection.

What does 1/25 in comics mean?

1:25 means one chase for every 25 regular covers. Prices comic shops will charge for chase covers will vary depending on the ratio of the issue.

What is a ratio variant?

A RATIO VARIANT refers to the amount of standard issues a comic book seller must order to receive ONE alternative cover.

What does incentive mean in comics?

Incentive Variants are actually designed to help comics shops. If a store orders a certain number of copies of a new Spider-Man comic, they qualify for a copy of a special, ultra-limited variant. The idea is selling that incentive variant for big money will help the store owner break even on the larger order.

What does variant edition mean?

In comic books, a variant cover (sometimes variant edition) refers to an issue of a comic book printed with multiple covers, each with unique cover art.

What does incentive cover mean?

The incentive covers can be sold at higher prices than cover price, which makes the store more money, which is an incentive for them to order more copies to get those incentives, which is more money to the publisher.Feb 3, 2016

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