What are the glass awards called?

What are the glass awards called?

Clear glass awards let the fact shine through that you are acknowledging an employee. Recipients of clear glass recognition awards have attractive proof of your respect for their contribution to your company, club or team.

What is a crystal award made of?

Crystal awards are typically cut from large sheets of optically clear glass known as K9 optic crystal.

How are glass trophies made?

The majority of trophies are hand cut from glass sheets. Once they have been cut to shape any bevels or design features are then ground into the glass. After this process the glass must then be polished to return it to a clear shiny finish. There are several types of glass, the most common being annealed glass.

How are crystal awards made?

Optical crystal is manufactured in large sheets then pressed under enormous pressure to ensure it has no bubbles or distortions. Our awards are made from the same materials used in camera lenses, NASA telescopes and high-end visual equipment.

How much does it cost to make plaque?

Depending on the size of the plaque and the grade of the wood, the completed custom engraved plaque can cost anywhere from under $30 to over $100. Floating glass or acrylic on real wood is most expensive type of custom engraved plaque.

How much does a trophy plaque cost?

Award plaques cost between $60 to $250 each, with options at every price point. Cost is mostly determined by size, shape, and material they’re made of. Eclipse Awards offers award plaques at fixed, all-in prices that include design, artwork proofs, personalization and engraving.

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What is crystal trophy?

Because of high perceived value of crystal as trophy material, crystal awards have been gaining popularity and replacing other trophy materials such as marble, metal and glass. Recognition crystal awards are often presented to commemorate corporate or personal accomplishments.

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