What does the danger high voltage sign mean?

What does the danger high voltage sign mean?

HIGH VOLTAGE: This symbol indicates high voltage. It calls your attention to items or operations that could be dangerous to you and other persons operation this equipment. This symbol is the “Safety Alert Symbol.” It occurs with either of two signal words: CAUTION or WARNING, as described below.

What are the dangers of high voltage electricity?

– Inappropriate equipment for the needed current may become hot enough to melt or combust nearby material.
– The stored energy in a spark or arc may be sufficient to ignite flammable (or explosive) material.

Why do we see warning signs like danger high voltage?

Because high voltage carries with it the risk of high current. When you touch a voltage source, there is no guarantee that the resistance between your body part and ground is so high as to pass negligible current.

Where do you find a high voltage sign?

High Voltage Signs should be posted in any location with voltage over 600 volts, per OSHA. Post High Voltage Signs to inform others to keep out, high voltage overhead, or not to enter into high voltage area.

What is the sign of high voltage?

This sign is often used in hazardous high voltage areas. A high voltage sign is reminiscent of daunting electrical fences or tall transformers buzzing with energy, but to most construction workers and electrical engineers, high voltage and hazardous energy are part of the job.

Why is the high voltage sign used?

Identify areas with exposures and materials that pose public health hazards.

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What is the symbol for caution?

Type of hazard Unicode glyph Unicode
————————————– ————- ——-
Generic caution ⚠ U+26A0
Poison ☠ U+2620
Ionizing radiation ☢ U+2622
Ionizing radiation high-level source

What is voltage hazard?

However, OSHA considers all voltages of 50 volts or above to be hazardous. The current through 500 ohms from a live part energized at 60 volts would be 120 milliamperes. This level of current, either ac or dc, is sufficient to cause serious injury.Sep 4, 2015

What is high voltage safety?

High Voltage-Specific Hazards Stored energy of 10 J or more (or at conditions of V > 250 or I > 500 A) may create arcs, sustained discharges of electricity between conductive surfaces through a dielectric medium (e.g. air). As above, this may be sufficient to ignite combustible or explosive material.Mar 3, 2017

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