What is a gem page?

What is a gem page?

GemPages is an intuitive drag & drop page builder you can use to create visual-stunning, high-converting, and SEO-friendly pages of all types and purposes. We are compatible with any Shopify themes and come with an extensive library of elements, templates, integrations, and sales boosters.

How do I install GemPages on Shopify?

From Shopify App Store Step 1: Access the GemPages Page Builder from the Shopify app store. Click on the “Add app” button. Step 2: There will be a pop-up for you to input your store domain. Hit “Log in” when finished.

How do I use Gempage?


What is Gempage Shopify?

GemPages is one of the most popular landing page builders for Shopify. The app has over 30 000 merchants, 2 000 reviews with average rating of 4.9 stars. So it’s definitely one of the largest app on the app store or was to be precise.

Is GemPages back on Shopify?

In May 2021, the popular landing page builder GemPages was removed from the Shopify App Store. Important update: As of November 19, the GemPages listing is back online and you can install the app from the Shopify App Store. Below is the official statement from the GemPages Community group.

How do I publish on GemPages?

Publish: The “Publish” button syncs your edits with your Shopify Store and makes all the changes go live. Click on the “Publish” button and you see a few options: For Product Pages, Collection Pages, and Homepages: Template Name field to edit the page name right inside the Editor.

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How do I use PageFly on Shopify?

In the Shopify admin sidebar, click Apps > PageFly Advanced Page Builder. After that, you will be redirected to the PageFly Dashboard on a different page. In the PageFly Dashboard, head to Pages > choose the page type you want to create.

Is PageFly worth?

PageFly is a good option for eCommerce stores. It’s easy to create product pages, and they have a lot of integrations that help you get more conversions. You can set a product page as your homepage if you are only selling one product or if you want to highlight your main product.Jul 7, 2021

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