What type of antenna do flies have?

What type of antenna do flies have?

All flies have antennae. Members of the suborder Nematocera (e.g., crane flies, various midges, and gnats) have whiplike antennae with two basal segments (scape and pedicel) and a flagellum of many similar segments.

Why do insects have antennas?

Nearly all insects have a pair of antennae on their heads. They use their antennae to touch and smell the world around them. Insects are the only arthropods that have wings, and the wings are always attached to the thorax, like the legs.

How many antenna are present in insects?

Because antennae serve different functions, their forms vary greatly. In all, there are about 13 different antennae shapes, and the form of an insect’s antennae may be an important key to its identification.Oct 1, 2019

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