What’s a good caption for Tinder?

What’s a good caption for Tinder?

– I love smiling all the time, will you be the reason for the same.
– Let’s get fat and drunk together and then we will try the seafood diet!
– Wait!
– I love to help those who have a purpose in life and my nose is always in a good book.
– CA native, love traveling and cooking.

What is a good tagline for a dating site?

– Date smarter.
– Find love faster.
– Make dating real again.
– Your soulmate is waiting!
– Engage your dating life, one swipe at a time.
– Enjoy the experience of dating someone special.
– The future of dating.
– We make dating fun again.

What should a guy put in his Tinder bio?

– Honesty Be honest from the get go and list your intention Are you on Tinder to make friends?
– Tell them your delights and dislikes Share something more personal to you, that gives people a better idea of who you are.

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