Where is Maharishi brand from?

Where is Maharishi brand from?

the United Kingdom

What is Maharishi brand?


Is Maharishi a good brand?

Over the last 20+ years, maharishi has stayed true to that, carving out a reputation as one of the most forward-thinking streetwear brands, while also being recognized as one of the most conscious brands out there.

Who started Maharishi clothing?

Hardy Blechman

Is Maharishi a Japanese brand?

Maharishi, The Brilliant British Streetwear Brand You Forgot All About, Is Back. As one of the first British-born streetwear outfits, maharishi championed hip-hop garb with heart: pieces were environmentally sound, built-to-last and always produced with fair trade front of mind.

Is Maharishi an Indian brand?

To this day, maharishi remains a privately owned company. Its clothes are produced in India, albeit in a factory that is owned and operated by maharishi to British standards. That’s something you can’t overlook.

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