How did Barron Collier make his money?

How did Barron Collier make his money?

He quit school at age sixteen to work for the Illinois Central Railroad. Within four years, he started his own business, the Consolidated Street Railway Advertising Company of New York City. At age twenty-six, his assets were valued at a million dollars.

Who was Miles Collier?

Miles Collier was born into an American automotive dynasty. Both his father and uncle, Miles and Sam, respectively, are credited with introducing sports car racing to the United States during the 1930’s. Together, the pair were early members of the Sports Car Club of America fostering Mr.

How old is Barron Collier?

Barron Collier died on , at the age of 66; he was Florida’s largest landowner at the time of his death.

Where did Barron Collier live?

Barron Gift Collier. As The New York Times noted in his obituary, his official residence was Useppa Island, Lee County, Florida.

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