How do I make a nook bookshelf?

What is a Booknook?

The concept became popular on Reddit, with the r/booknooks subreddit going from zero to 7,900 members in just two days. The website defines book nooks as “mini worlds created within your bookshelf”, usually as a diorama of an alley. They created a “back alley bookshelf” made to fit alongside paperback books.

What is a book nook shelf insert?

These dioramas made to fit between books on a shelf are called book nooks, bookshelf inserts, or book shelf dioramas. As can be seen in many examples of these dioramas, an imaginative feature is to design curves and corners so that the viewer can see that the alley continues on out of sight.

What scale is a book nook?

Mostly on the 1:12 scale, it appears, so that is why I am including this on my website. The measurements are roughly the height and width of one or two books. The concept became very popular on Reddit, with the book nooks subreddit going from zero to 7,900 members in just two days.

What are book nooks used for?

A book nook is a tiny little room that you position between your books to give the illusion that that there is another world hidden behind your shelves. This is sometimes also referred to as a diorama or a bookshelf insert.

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