Is Bleach anime coming back in 2021?

Is Bleach anime coming back in 2021?

In 2020, via Crunchyroll, “Bleach” was confirmed for a 2021 return during the series’ 20th Anniversary Project and Tite Kubo New Work presentation stream.

Why did Bleach end so poorly?

Originally Answered: Why is the ending of bleach so bad? The main factors were because of Tite Kubo’s failing health and the high demand for his work. It caused the man to work himself sick. Furthermore, while sick he still forced himself to work.

Is anime Bleach finished?

Despite its initial popularity, “Bleach” was canceled in 2012. The show ended with the Fullbring arc and was not given a proper conclusion. Meanwhile, the manga continued with the final arc, The Thousand-Year Blood War, and officially ended in August 2016.

Why is Bleach anime not finished?

Bleach’s anime was canceled due to low ratings, though the manga continued to run for another four years. This entire final arc, “1,000-Year Blood War,” will finally be adapted as the show returns for a true final season.

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