What are the different type of pillow cases?

What are the different type of pillow cases?

There are three primary types of pillowcases – housewife, oxford, and bag. The housewife and bag are most commonly used as regular pillowcases, while the oxford is often used for sham pillows.

Why do pillow cases have a flap?

With an envelope cover, the pillow can’t escape, so it’s less likely to twist while you’re snoozing. Pillowcases don’t wrinkle easily, and when pillows can move around inside the pillowcase, they usually wrinkle when you sleep on them.

How do you use a pillowcase with a flap?

What do you call the fancy pillow cases?

A bed shams are a decorative pillow that are used on a bed. Bed shams can be virtually any size but the most common sizes are: Standard sham (20” x 26”)

Should the pillowcase be bigger than the pillow?

Your pillowcase should be at least one to two inches longer and wider than your pillow. Most pillowcases also have three to four inches of extra fabric at the end, but you should only measure the primary area of the pillowcase that your pillow will sit in to make sure it will fit properly.

Should pillow be smaller than pillowcase?

It is not bad to have a pillowcase too big for the pillow, but it’s always better to have a slightly larger case than one that is too small. Whatever you do, avoid having a case that is too small as you will compromise the overall feel of your pillow.

How do you measure a pillowcase for a pillow?

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