What is an example of flattering?

What is an example of flattering?

Flattery is defined as praise or compliments, usually exaggerated or false. An example of flattery is a person who’s hoping for a raise telling their boss how great their new hair cut looks.

What does it mean if someone is flattering?

1. verb. If someone flatters you, they praise you in an exaggerated way that is not sincere, because they want to please you or to persuade you to do something. [disapproval] I knew she was just flattering me. [

How do you show flattery?

– Understand how they want to be perceived by others.
– Reinforce that desired perception with compliments.
– Make the comment relevant to their work or personality.

What does flattered mean example?

Definition of flattered : made to feel pleased by something gratifying (such as an honor or a sign or respect or deference) I was very flattered to be asked to attend. The honoree was clearly flattered. Or at least he smiled broadly.—

How do you flatter someone?

When you flatter someone, you praise and compliment him or her — but you aren’t totally sincere. You flatter your friend by telling her she’s the best driver in the world. Because you want her to offer you a ride.

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