Are Chevron Cars coming back?

Who makes Chevron Cars?

In 2012, Chevron Cars Ltd was purchased by David Witt, who split the company into two parts, Chevron Cars Ltd & Chevron Heritage Ltd. Chevron Cars now manufacture current specification GT cars, and Chevron Heritage Limited, provides restoration and repair services and spare parts for pre-2007 Chevron models.

Does Chevron still sell cars?

On , Chevron announced that due to decreasing consumer demand, the production of the Chevron Cars would be discontinued. This brought to an end a period of fifteen years in which they were produced and sold.

Does Chevron make cars?

The Chevron Cars were born in 1995 to help spread the word about the latest Chevron innovation: the cleaning power of Chevron with Techron. Since then, they haven’t stopped talking about it.

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