Can you put a ring in a snug piercing?

Can you put a ring in a snug piercing?

Using a ring in your snug piercing during the healing period is absolutely not recommended since rings do not compensate for ear thickness or swelling. Using ring jewelry can lead to excess scar tissue and cause other problems that extend the healing period.

What gauge is a snug piercing?


Do I have the anatomy for a snug piercing?

A snug piercing goes through the antihelix portion of the ear, the slight ridge above the lobe and under the face of the ear. To get this piercing, you’ll have to have a prominent enough cartilage ridge. Some customers don’t quite have the anatomy for a snug piercing and that’s okay, we can still make it work!

Is it normal for snug piercings to swell?

Even if you clean the snug piercing properly, it’s important to know that you will probably experience symptoms that may alarm you; however, they’re totally normal. “Expect swelling, redness, soreness, even a dull throb for the first few days to weeks,” says Nicky.4 days ago

What size is a snug piercing?

The standard jewelry upon piercing is a 16g 3/8” curved barbell. Curved barbells are ideal for snug piercings because they allow the piercing room to breathe without hugging the ends too close together like a ring would.

How soon can I change snug piercing?

3-6 months

How painful is the snug piercing?

Snug piercings, also called anti-helix piercings, are not for the faint of heart. Pain level: 9/10, as it’s considered one of the most painful cartilage piercings. Healing time: Healing time is roughly four to six months, but both Bader and Nicky say to plan for a year.4 days ago

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How long is snug piercing?

about four to six months

How do you make the swelling of a piercing go down?

– Stop any bleeding by applying direct pressure to the piercing site.
– Apply a cold pack to help reduce swelling or bruising.
– Wash the wound for 5 minutes, 3 or 4 times a day, with large amounts of warm water.
– Elevate the piercing area, if possible, to help reduce swelling.

Is my snug piercing infected?

Signs of an infection include: red and swollen skin around the piercing. pain or tenderness. yellow or green discharge coming from the piercing.

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