How do you send a pet condolence?

How do you send a pet condolence?

– “[Pet’s name] was such a good dog/cat.
– “I am so sorry for your loss.
– Losing such a big part of your family is never easy.
– “[Pet’s name] was so lucky to have chosen you.
– “May the memories of [pet’s name] bring you comfort during this time of loss.”
– “I know how much [pet’s name] meant to you.

What do you write in a sympathy card for loss of a pet?

– “[Pet’s name] was always there for you and loved you no matter what.
– “May [pet’s name]’s love bring you peace, and may the memories you both shared bring comfort to your broken heart.
– “Heaven is filled with love, so your [pet’s name] should feel right at home there.

How do you close out a sympathy card?

– With sympathy,
– With deepest sympathy,
– With heartfelt sympathy,
– With prayers and sympathy,
– With sincere sympathy,
– With warm thoughts and prayers,
– With caring,
– With love at this sad time,

What is a good ending for a sympathy card?

If you are sending your client a sympathy card, sign off examples include: I am so sorry to hear about your recent loss. Thinking of you and your family during this time, (signature) Thinking of you and yours during this time.

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