How do you set up a children’s treasure hunt?

How do you set up a children’s treasure hunt?

– Plan the hunt first.
– Draw pictures for each of the clues.
– Hide the treasure and the clues while your child is supervised somewhere else.
– When you’re ready, tell your child it’s time for the treasure hunt.
– Talk with your child about the treasure hunt.

How do you make a treasure hunt at home?

– Plan your route.
– Scout out locations.
– Write and number the clues, and put them in numbered envelopes.
– Give yourself lots of time to plan.
– Get helpers’ buy-in.
– Set it up.
– Prepare for contingencies.
– Add in some random rewards to keep things interesting.

How do you make clues for treasure hunts?

TIP 3 VARIETY. Having a variety of clues (or tasks) on a scavenger hunt is vital to maintain the level of interest of participants so don’t focus on one type. Think photo clues, riddles, directions, QR codes, monuments, collection of objects.

How do you play Treasure Hunt step by step?

How do you write a good treasure hunt clue?

– Make the scavenger hunts and clues challenging… but not too challenging.
– Incorporate props into the treasure hunts and clues.
– Integrate the event area into our treasure hunts and clues.
– Reinforce your message with the treasure hunts and clues.

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