How often can I color my hair with Naturtint?

How often can I color my hair with Naturtint?

every 6-8 weeks

Does Naturtint damage your hair?

The chemicals in hair dye can be harsh and cause split ends, dryness and frizziness, but with Naturtint hair color, $13, you can avoid all of that damage. This all-natural product protects your hair while still giving you the hair color you want.

Will Naturtint lighten hair?

Pro-Tip: It’s easy to color your hair as dark as you want. However, if you’re wanting to drastically lighten your hair, remember Naturtint permanent hair color can only lighten by one or two shades per treatment.

How long does Naturtint dye last?

How long will the color last? Naturtint permanent hair color lasts depending on your hair’s condition and how you care for it. Typically, you will see normal fading after 3–4 weeks. If you used a red color, it might fade sooner than other colors.

Does Naturtint have hydrogen peroxide?

The volumes of hydrogen peroxide used in Naturtint range from 20 to 40 volumes per application. Each reference contains the minimum effective hydrogen peroxide. This achieves better scalp tolerance to the coloring.

Does Naturtint work on black hair?

Can I apply any of the Naturtint colours to Afro hair? Yes, we have lots of customers who are very happy with the results of Naturtint on their afro hair.

How long do you leave Naturtint on?

3. Leave to develop for 30 minutes. To achieve a more intense colour, or to cover stubborn grey, increase the development time to a maximum of 40 minutes.

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How often can you color your hair with Naturtint?

How often can NATURTINT be used? Naturtint can be used every 30 days.

How long will color dye last?

Hair dye lasts about four to six weeks, in general. So it doesn’t stick to your hair forever — once your hair grows out the dye loses its effect and intensity because your roots start to show. And this would be a good time to take a trip to your favorite salon to get it recolored or refreshed.

Is Naturtint safe for hair?

Naturtint is not only free from ammonia and resorcinol free but is also enriched with natural and organic plant and seed oils and extracts, to gently care for your hair and scalp so with the correct use, Naturtint is very gentle on the hair.

How often can I use Naturtint?

every 30 days

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