When did the American Girl doll Nellie come out?

When did the American Girl doll Nellie come out?


Who is the rarest American Girl doll?

– Original Kirsten Larson.
– Original Samantha Parkington.
– Just Like You #36.
– Cecile Rey.
– Marie-Grace Gardner.
– Caroline Abbott.
– BeForever Felicity Merriman.
– Girl of Today #6.

Are American Girl dolls discontinued?

The OG American Girl dolls are back! Samantha, Kirsten and Molly, the first three dolls in the series, debuted in 1986 and were retired between 2008 and 2013. Felicity, Addy and Josefina were introduced in the 1990s and retired in the mid-2010s.May 4, 2021

Is Ruthie American Girl doll retired?

The Ruthie Smithens doll was released in 2008 to coincide with the movie and marketed as the Best Friend of Kit Kittredge. Ruthie was retired in 2014.

Who was the first American Girl doll?

What is the most popular American Girl doll?

Perhaps the most famous American Girl doll of them all, Kit Kittredge, born in 1934, led a hardscrabble life during the Great Depression. She was a tomboy who adored Amelia Earhart and aspired to become a journalist.

Who were the first 5 American Girl dolls?

The OG American Girl dolls are back! To celebrate American Girl’s 35th anniversary, Mattel has announced the return of the brand’s historic, six original characters that started it all — Samantha Parkington, Kirsten Larson, Molly McIntire, Felicity Merriman, Addy Walker and Josefina Montoya.May 4, 2021

Is Nellie American Girl doll retired?

In October 2008, American Girl announced their intent to archive Samantha’s entire collection; she, Nellie, and their collections were no longer available for purchase online or through catalogs with the exception of books. The Nellie doll and all items in her collection have been retired.

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What is Kirsten doll worth?

American Girl discontinued Kirsten in 2010, and she has since become a highly sought-after collector’s item selling for upwards of $625.

Are there any black American Girl dolls?

In 1993, the doll company set out to introduce its first black character. Melody Ellison is only the second black doll that is currently for sale from American Girl’s line of historical dolls.

What American Girl doll is retiring next?

Kirsten Larson — “a pioneer girl of strength and spirit growing up in Minnesota in 1854” — is the latest creation to be retired by American Girl, the doll-making franchise.

What American Girl dolls are retiring in 2021?

The announcement of the retiring of Tenney Grant, Gabriela McBride, and Z Yang (as seen in a AG Rewards e-mail).

Which American Girl dolls are discontinued?

– Kirsten Larson (doll)
– Felicity Merriman (doll)
– Nellie O’Malley (doll)
– Caroline Abbott (doll)

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