Who makes the Marvel posters?

Who makes the Marvel posters?

designer James Verdesoto

Who created the Avengers poster?

artist Bosslogic

Who designed Marvel posters?

James Verdesoto

Who are the shadows in the Avengers Endgame poster?

Again, from left to right, the shadows are Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), Wanda Maximoff (Elizbeth Olsen), Peter Parker (Tom Holland), Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), and Loki (Tom Hiddleston).

Who is the designer of Avengers?

Director of the film THE AVENGERS, Josh Whedon, called upon another group of remarkable people to help bring this world of Marvel comics to life, including visionary Production Designer James Chinlund and Oscar-winning Set Decorator Victor J. Zolfo SDSA.

Who creates the Marvel posters?

Via social media, Marvel revealed four new posters by artist John Guydo which depict the events of the previous Avengers films. The first is for 2012’s Avengers, with Thor and Captain America’s moment of camaraderie taking center stage.

Who designed the Avengers endgame poster?

Kode Abdo

Who creates movie posters?

A poster designer is just one part of a wider network of creatives, from photographers and copywriters right up to the director and studio executives. But even within the design department, you should expect to be part of a big team: some agencies hire 80 or more designers.

Who designed Black Panther movie poster?

Marvel has put out a number of movie posters for the Black Panther movie and they’ve ranged from good to terrible. But one fan managed to capture everything we love about the movie in six posters. Dettrick Maddox aka Mr. Design Junkie created a series of posters featuring the main characters and they’re everything.

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Who is shadow in the Avengers?

Shadow King
Created by
In-story information
Alter ego

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